Monday, March 2, 2015

Chew Bite at Margonda, Depok

It is one of the rare days where I visited Depok on a weekend. Never had to try any of the night hawker food around the area, I finally tried out one since I'm pretty curious with the kue cubit 'setengah matang' hype. Starting out from 6 p.m., Chew Bite opens its little white and blue striped cart alongside with several other vendors that sells variety of chicken, coffee stall, and selection of satays that you can enjoy while sitting on the minimalistic pedestal with little tables all around it. You can spot it nearby Takarajima Depok and took place after a mechanic repair shop that is closed during night time and turned into a place for small business vendors. The Chew Bite menu offer two variety of kue cubit, the happening 'medium' cooked batter and the well done version of it. The kue cubit comes in several flavors and you can add your choice of topping for an additional price.

Kue Cubit Durian (IDR 10.000) + Nutella spread (IDR 5.000)
The plate of the kue cubit comes with five pieces per portion. The flavor and the aroma of the durian really kicks in. I really like the level and sweetness and this weird pairing actually worked. This is also a proper medium doneness for the kue cubit.

Kue Cubit Green Tea (IDR 10.000) + Ovomaltine spread (IDR 5.000)
Unfortunately, in contrast with the durian version, I cannot really taste the green tea in this one; but definitely you can taste the milky-buttery kue cubit. The Ovomaltine spread really helped this one a lot since the color may be a little of putting and that the shape of the cake were not really in tact during serving. 

Red Velvet Kue Cubit (IDR 10.000) + Marshmallow topping (IDR 5.000)
My brothers' favorite were this one and this became my second favorite of the day. The sweetness goes well and everything, but unfortunately this order were a bit overcooked considering this is a medium doneness order. This doneness however would help you see how buttery this cake were. It runs smooth in my mouth and can be easily finished in a bite.

Selection of Satars (IDR 2.000 - IDR 9.000)
The variation of satay includes beef lung, sausage, gizzards, chicken roulade, eel, fish cakes amongst other. You can pick out your favorite and the vendor would grill it for you. Although some of these looked burnt and the other weren't heated through, this were an easy and pretty affordable snacks.

Ayam Bakar Pedas, incl. complementary iced tea (IDR 13.000)
The samba were a bit too sweet for my taste and the rice were a bith mushy; but the chicken were good and service were well.

It's definitely an experience trying out a couple different food that night and it was funnily one of the first time I spent a night hanging out in Depok (which I don't usually do except when I am waiting for class). I should do more of these really, added with a self-note that I should be going out more instead of spending my days back on my bed!

Chew Bite
Jl. Margonda Raya
Depok, West Java