Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wisata Rasa Almond Crispy Cheese from Surabaya

The Almond Crispy Cheese snack has become somewhat a staple souvenir from Surabaya as I just realize from having my friend bring the snack as gift from her hometown as the semester break is over. The concept of the 'almond crispy cheese' concept were seemingly coming from the thinly round cookie topped with sliced almond and sprinkle of shredded cheese that were baked until crispy in resulted in great sugary goodness. Priced at IDR 45.000 per package, the 150 gram worth of goods becomes a very delightful snack.

Weeks later trying out the green tea cookie from my friend, my brother also got three packages of the thin cookies in its original, green tea and chocolate flavor as a gift from her girlfried and I directly jumped in to savor some of this goodness; under the brand Wisata Rasa in its home made serving of the snack. Pictured below are only the original and chocolate flavor.

 Green Tea Flavor
Unfortunately not photographed since it were gone after only few seconds. Best flavor out of the three as it has the best balance of the bitterness of green tea, the sweetness of the cookie, and the savoriness of the topping. The green tea also smell so good and acted well as an essence to the snack.

Original Flavor
Crunchy, sweet and tad bit savoryness from the cheese goes well together. The taste is somewhat similar to butter cookies but with different texture and with added saltiness that is true to their crispy cheese concept but fell a little flat in its vanilla flavor.

Chocolate Flavor
(Almond Choco Cheese)
The truly thin cookie is only topped in of its sides. The chocolate flavor tasted rich in its apparent hint of cocoa, yet not to sweet which I liked. The almond and cheese combo goes well with the chocolate base of this snack. For me this is far superior from the original flavor.

Although a tad bit pricey, the flavor of the product really deliver. It is a very gullible dish as it can be easily eaten and surprisingly not very 'vulnerable' to crack. This snack is easily shared and were really a great product; particularly of this Wisata Rasa brand. I cannot say anything about the other brands of a similar concept, price, and variety but I am pretty satisfied with what I got. If it is more affordable I would have it available everyday at home. Maybe... would someone give me more of these as a gift from Surabaya? *winks hard*

Wisata Rasa
Almond Crispy/Choco Cheese
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