Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sophie Authentique at Cipete

It was only a few months ago that I visited Sophie Authentique French Bakery at Kemang I (Splash) area to try out some of their products and fell in love with the selection of breads and pastries especially their canelé. I was excited to find out that they are opening their third branch even closer to my house in Cipete Raya and right upon finding out I decided to go to this newest establishment. This time I would love to try out their savory dishes and to dine in since I've only been purchasing for take aways. Upon entering, I was greeted upon displays of their bakery selections and place my order by the counter, then proceed upstairs as the first floor dining venue has been pretty packed while it was only 11.00 a.m. on a Sunday.

The store were not really big (yet I saw that the kitchen was spacious) yet feels so comfortable, especially on the second floor with sofas and low tables that would fit small groups. Sophie Authentique has always been simply decorated with simple figurines and ornaments, dominant with the color blue and white. The lighting here adds some more of its charms with many big windows refracting sunlight to the restaurant indoor. This makes it great since the store operates during daytime; usually closed during sunset and opens as early as 8 o'clock in the morning. 

Canelé (IDR 20.000 each, IDR 100.000 for a box of 6)
The renowned French Bordeaux delicacy and one of Sophie's most prominent signature. Made out of sugar, milk, eggs and flour among others canelé produce a custard-like soft and gooey texture on the inside with a crunchy outsides. Its texture reminds me somewhat to the spongy bika ambon yet less oily and has a different kind of fragrance from the dairy used in the canelé. Sophie Authentique has introduced me to this canelé and I was seriously so impressed even on my third try that I might be trying to cook some for myself at home.

Croque Madame (IDR 70.000)
The croque madame consists of beef ham (you can also opt for pork ham) in between two thick slices of bread topped with cheese and fried egg served with salad. The acidity of the salad dressing cuts in really well with the general savoriness of the bread. Pretty generous in portion, the menu has a play on texture and flavour; the distinct egg on top of the croque madame adds another layer to the meal and worth the IDR10.000 difference with the croque monsieur that is also served here. This particular dish is the signature savory dish from this restaurant, and I can see clearly why. Srved on the side were packaged sambal belibis to my surprise, such a fun twist if you're interested to add more spicyness to the dish. It was overall delicious and plenty!

Lychee Tea (IDR 30.000)
Tea with syrup and pieces of lychee. This tea were surprisingly a bit bitter as I expected more sugary goodness that I requested more simple syrup.

Leaving with a pretty full stomach, I ordered the half-dozen box of canelé to take home for my family to try out. They all loved it, except for my eldest brother who would've prefer their croissant. Many of my friends also said that Sophie Authentique has one of the best croissant they have ever treid yet I haven't even tried any of their selection. Would try it next time since definitely there will be a next time! As I am saving up more to be able to make the purchase (lol my inner broke college student is speaking here) I will then try to make some at home although omitting the signature canelé mold and would opt if for a muffin pan and I would be using ChefSteps recipe for then. Wish me luck to make something at least near to the goodness of this bakery!

Sophie Authentique
Jl. Cipete Raya No. 11
South Jakarta
6221 7180011