Monday, May 4, 2015

Kyochon from Gandaria

Lately I haven't been going out to try out many food places as my options were currently limited post-surgery. College schedule were pretty hectic too, so I would rather opt for food deliveries or take outs. I've been enjoying food delivery services from either FoodPanda or Klik-Eat (I haven't tried ordering something by GO-JEK yet!) and at the time XL was having a Rp50.000 off promotion for an order set by minimum 100.000 if I remember correctly. Excitedly I surf their site, browse their menu and picked out to order chicken wings from Kyochon. I was ecstatic as the delivery range cover my household area since months ago my area was not included within the range.

60-minutes from ordering time that I set up a day in advance, I got my order delivered to my house. Kyochon packaging, still with a glammering picture of Lee Min Ho placed on its bag, serves Korean fried chicken that has gotten a bit warm due to the time. The crunch is still there; yet it no longer felt as crispy as a 'fresh' order to be but totally understandable since it is a delivery order and I'm pretty much grateful for having an access to the restaurant.

Sal Sal Chicken Strips (IDR 39.000)
Sal Sal Chicken Strips comes as a twist to the basic chicken strips yet it is covered with different batter than the usual you found as it is said to be added with rice crumbs. The chicken part used is the breast as it is an apparent white meat. It goes well with the sauce that comes within but I would rather have their chicken wings any day.

Mix Wings (IDR 99.000)
12 pieces assortment of chicken wings. Four pieces of each Original Wings, spicy Red Wings and Honey Wings.

Original Wings
Simply said this is the most basic out of the three chicken options (even four, added with the Sal Sal). The rice flour crispiness is apparent however the taste is not savoury enough and gotten a little bland. This is my least favorite of Kyochon wing sauce, hard to find the hint of soy and garlic in it. The competitor's (you know which; the name rhymed with Kyochon) original sauce has a way better flavor than the one Kyochon offer.

Red Wings
My favorite sauce for the wings! Really spicy with apparent kick of gochujang, Korean chili paste. Eating this one might get messy since the sauce were really generous. This one is truly spicy since there were still some sort of chili aftertaste minutes after eating this one but you will find some hint of sweetness from its sauce to balance it out. It is so good its hard to resist.

Honey Wings
Runner up for my favorite Kyochon sauce. Sweet glaze of honey rightfully balances the savouriness of the chicken, yet gets problematic as it gets your chicken soggy a bit faster than the other sauces as what I saw from my order. This one would get so much more only if the pricing of the honey wings is not more expensive than the other two sauces.

I am so thankful for FoodPanda for its continuous promotion offer. This is my fourth order ever from the site and definitely wouldn't be the last. Also thanks for XL-Axiata that becomes a huge factor in picking this order due from their promotion hehe. Kyochon really does not disappoint even from its takeouts. Flavors were always consistent from times I visit their restaurant. Keep it coming and I'll stay becoming one happy kid!

Gandaria City
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Upper Ground Level, Unit MU 29-30
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
+62 21 2923 6448