Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mujigae at Kemang

It was a year ago where my friend and I discussed about having affordable Korean restaurant located in Serpong. Not familiar with the location and everything, finally a year later I tried out Mujigae in one of its branch in Margo City, Depok. I was pretty satisfied with the place, service and the food but no branch were close enough to home until now that Mujigae has opened its door in Kemang Village. Mujigae is located within the third floor, replacing Caliente (I will miss their grilled chicken and rice combo :(). That day, alongside going to Market and Museum: Surprise Kitchen Vol. 2, I decided to try out this particular Mujigae branch.

The interior is as always bright, bold, with television screens in every corner of the restaurant. The seating arrangement extends through the store as there were two divided spots to enjoy your meal: 'indoor' and 'outdoor' where the latter is practically located across the actual restaurant and kitchen but accessible to Mujigae customer only. Avoiding the public eye, of course I decided to dine in inside the restaurant. Greeted by the waitstaff nicely, we then got to our seat by the sofa brightened by the lighting coming from the restaurant big windom. We then ordered through the iPad menu provided on our table.

Choco Banana Milk + Nutella Pudding (IDR 23.000)
The drink consist of chocolate milk with a hint of banana, added with several cuts of Nutella-flavored pudding. I cannot really taste the flavor of nuttiness in this drink, but the chocolate and banana goes well together. In actuality, I still prefer their Banana Milk + Matcha Pudding option.

Green Tea Sea Salt (IDR 21.000)
One of the most interesting drink option! A mix of green tea, sea salt and creamy foam. The foam by itself tasted like a buttery palette with a hint of saltiness. All of it mixed creates a flavor similar to a green tea latte. Portion wise this is pretty plenty despite the unique shape of the glass. I was a bit surprised that we almost didn't get to finish a beverage. The drink definitely has a wow factor and the flavor really deliver.

Korean Chicken Wing (IDR 26.000)
The fried chicken wings is served very hot, served right out of the fryer. The portion consist of four pieces of chicken wings dressed in a coating of gochujang to add spiciness and flavor to the chicken wing. It was sticky, hot, spicy, and delicious.

Spicy Bulgogi (IDR 52.000)
The spicy bulgogi came in a dish of its own atop of a burner which settings you can control. It consist mainly of beef slices, frenched onion, rice noodle, and the sauce with hints of garlic, pepper, ginger amongst others. The marinated grilled beef were very nice and its portion is very plenty for one. We ordered this alongside with a warm bowl of rice and it was delightful; thank God I skipped breakfast for these. This meal is served alongside with a kimchi on a dish.

Paket Bulgogi 1 (IDR 47.900)
Feeling like a big meal and to try out multiple dishes, I ordered one of their bulgogi package consisting of bulgogi, japchae, Korean fried chicken, rice and kimchi. I would not say much about the kimchi because it was pretty 'meh' and its portion were very poor that I only got two cuts of the fermented cabbage. The bulgogi was nice, although considering it was a part of a set it is served a bit sloppily and arrived warm -- I then had to reheat it on the initial burner for the earlier spicy bulgogi. The Korean fried chicken does not in forms of wings but instead as cuts of boneless chicken. Again, there's no heat. The japchae consisting noodle, vegetables and bits of meats were nice though although a bit too oily for my taste. I was overall happy with the dish but the lack of heat is seriously a concern; it gave an impression as if the food had been left out too long.

Despite the lack of heat in the last particular meal, the services I got at Mujigae were excellent. The servers were all kind and warm; the food also came by pretty quickly. I just hope Mujigae can keep on improving its quality to suit more properly into a more authentic Korean casual dining experience. 

Lippo Mall Kemang
3rd Floor
Pangeran Antasari No. 36
South Jakarta