Sunday, May 31, 2015

Shaburi at Gandaria

Finally I'm done with my fourth semester! Although I have one more incomplete test by the end of next week at least I can be a bit more relaxed. To celebrate the end, my friends and I decided to go on a feast by going to Shari newest branch in Gandaria City since Pacific Place is further from our campus and we were afraid of the crazy queue we might had when we arrive. As we arrive each and every one of us ordered our own flavor of our shabu-shabu dashi broth, while we opt for the U.S. Beef Shabu-Shabu package (IDR 148.000++). We got 90 minutes to enjoy the limitless shabu-shabu, dirnks and their buffet options, so we wasted no time and begun our feast!

Shaburi has several options for the dashi soup to cook your beef and vegetables with. There are the original konbu soup, hot miso soup, sukiyaki, tomato soup, soy milk miso soup and the chicken collagen paitan that I personally ordered. So far I have tried the sukiyaki soup and the chicken collagen soup -- I preferred the chicken collagen since it has the right amount of savoryness and it goes well with the additional ginger and garlic dipping I had with this.

There were a lot of options in their buffet table that you can pick out freely regardless the beef package you took; although I'm not sure whether the buffet is available if you order the beef ala carte.  The range of the food you can cook alongside in the pot includes selection of vegetables, mushrooms, fishcakes, seafood, and noodles. There were also selection of side meals including chicken karaage -- which is my absolute favorite, beef teriyaki, and sushi amongst others. What's also great about Shaburi is the unlimited drinks including soda beverages, lemonade, tea and water. Bottomless beer can be purchased with an additional fee. 

And also, ICE CREAM!

We arrived at Shaburi around 11.30, right before Friday prayer and lunch time. By the middle of our meal, the restaurant were packed even to the extent of the outdoor seating by the edge of the upperground Mainstreet Dining. Everything we had were great although some of the server were giving us sourface and gave us plenty of cold shoulders, which is uncool. However we got off pretty happy and most of all plenty. This personal serving and everything goes really even if you're going with a group which were great. Try a visit and enjoy the meal!

Also, thank you so much for Kiky and Melisa for the meal, once again happy birthday to the both of you!

Gandaria City
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Upper Ground Mainstreet - M-U08
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta