Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wingstop at Cinere

Wingstop and its elusive Wednesday Wings Day promotion had got me hooked up in the past, and this time I was visiting Wingstop since I was up for a good wings that day. With its concept similar to other fried chicken fast food joints, you can order your meal by the counter and  but then has to for the order to cook to be delivered on your table. Wingstop has ten different seasoning for its signature wings, which are: Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, Hawaiian, Hickory Smoked Barbecue, Louisiana Rub, Teriyaki, Atomic, Cajun, Original Hot and Mild. The flavors can be sorted based on its level of spiciness. The ones I underlined were the ones I have tried in the past since I've been visiting their Margonda branch often in between classes since Wingstop offers 10% discount for purchases you make upon showing your student ID to the staff. This time I decided to order two of their classic wings variant and to add another one to my flavor checklist, the Hawaiian!

Hickory Smoked BBQ, 10-pieces Classic Wings (IDR 73.000)
Shown above were 5 pieces of wings that was half of the order of the 10-pieces portion; the rest being coated by the Hawaiian flavor. Most of the variant of seasoning at Wingstop were dry rubs, but feeling like ordering some saucey goodness I ordered the barbecue variant. The wings were served hot right out of the kitchen, tossed with generous amount of barbecue sauce that has a hint of sweetness blending with the spices that is also enhanced with fragrant smoke that you can taste by every bite. I often opt for the classic wings instead of the boneless ones since it adds up to the wing-eating experience, but the boneless one is fine if you want a hassle-free meal.

Hawaiian Classic Wings
The Hawaiian and Barbecue chicken were part of my 10-pieces classic wings order, and this is the Hawaiian half of the portion. The Hawaiian sauce were composed of pineapple glaze that adds a touch of fruityness that is both sweet and sour that unexpectedly goess well with the chicken. Freshly fried and tossed, this one is also a good flavor options for the wings. The wings still has its crunchy quality from the fryer and the thin coat of batter before being drenched in sauce. The Hawaiian seasoning goes really well with the honey mustard dipping sauce that I opted as the order's complimentary dipping sauce. You can either choose the sweet honey mustard or the savory garlic ranch dipping by the order of chicken or as a side.

Cheese Fries (IDR 27.000)
The Cheese Fries is one of the dish I would recommend at Wingstop aside from the wings itself. The thickly cut potatoes were drenched in a hot aged cheddar cheese sauce and garnished alongside with slices of jalapeño. Also, in the second picture is the honey mustard dipping sauce! It can go as an additional sauce for the potatoes, although unnecessary since the cheese by itself were very very generous. Usually I wouldn't order french fries as my restaurant order, but this one is an exception.

I can now cross the Hawaiian flavor on my list of flavor that I have about to try from Wingstop. Would definitely try out the rest, probably on Wednesdays so I can enjoy their Wings Day promotion. My only negative for the Cinere branch is that its cleanliness and friendliness were inferior compared to the one in Margo City. Other that that, Wingstop had been providing great food on each and every visit that I would not hesitate to have some more!

Cinere Bellevue Mall
Upper Ground Floor
Jl. Merawan No. 84
West Java
+6221 29704981