Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cooking Oppa from Blok M

It was a long ride from the office going back home so I decided to order some Korean food for post-iftar dinner. I looked through Go-Food recommendation list and decided to try out Cooking Oppa because the location is relatively near to my house so I don't have to wait too long for the delivery to arrive. I tried this particular restaurant because I've seen one of its branches in Depok while I was passing by from campus and that the price was pretty affordable for casual Korean snacks. The meal comes in a pretty small portion and the flavor was not exactly authentic -- they claimed to offer Korean fusion dishes, hence the menu.

Topoki Original (IDR 27.000)
I ordered the original tteokpokki which consists of tteok (Korean rice cake), sausages, and hashbrown that is drizzled with a sweet and spicy sauce and topped with sesame seeds. The texture of the tteok is a bit too soft for my taste and the sauce was pretty good but I expect more of its spicy sauce in this dish. The hashbrown and the sausage do not add much to the flavor, I would even prefer to have the tteokpokki just as without the added topping.

Topochiz (IDR 33.000)
The Topochiz is pretty similar to the original one as it uses the same base sauce, but this, in particular, has the extra drizzle of cheese sauce which goes well alongside with the original sauce and the rest of the rice cake, hashbrown and slices of odeng (fish cakes). I liked this dish better than the original because there's more sauce all around and the saltiness and sweetness of the two sauces were blended pretty well. The odeng also gives it a variety of texture and flavor which I think is better than the chicken sausage was.

Hano Chikin (IDR 25.000)
Hano Chikin -- basically the a tongue twist on Honey Chicken, is boneless chicken fried with a coating of batter and were later mixed with honey sauce and sesame seeds. The chicken menu is served with thin cut fries which I think were pretty nice and the french fries itself maintained its crunchy texture pretty well. The chicken itself were sweet and sticky, but the problem that it does not have a crispiness in its bite because the batter were pretty thin.

Gochu Chikin (IDR 25.000)
This is a spicy chicken dish served in similar manner to the Hano Chikin but with a different spicy sauce that is similar to the one used on the tteokpokki dish. This delivers much more flavor than its sweet equivalent, hence the one I prefer out of the two.

Mandu (IDR 12.000)
One portion of mandu consists of three pieces of the chicken-filled dumpling that is fried until golden brown. This tasted similar to fried wonton as the mandu skin crisped up during cooking. The flavor were good and there's a balance between the skin and the fillings. It is part of the 'twigim' or fried menu variant amongst other snacks.

For the price it offer, I think it is a good place to have a taste of Korean foos but in no means it is a mirror of the snacks you'll find in the streets of Seoul as it has been adapted to the local taste. I'm not interested in visiting the actual restaurant (that is said to be decorated and filled with K-Pop themed knick-knacks) but I might consider ordering some more tteokpokki here. A good alternative, especially around Blok M where Korean food is still a scarce.

Cooking Oppa
Plaza Blok M
6th Floor
Jl. Bulungan No. 76
Blok M
South Jakarta