Thursday, June 9, 2016

Okonomi Dining En at Melawai

I’ve been curious about trying out monjayaki and had finally tried one out at Okonomi En Dining after a recommendation from my friend who also said that this place has the best okonomiyaki in Jakarta. Unfortunately, they only have limited variety of okonomiyaki for their day service and that only the large serving was available — so I’d reserve to eating two dishes here with my brother as this place is close to his tutoring place. Okonomi En Dining is located on the second floor of Kamome building and the restaurant itself does not have any sign on the road nor any clear sign within the building except for a logo on the curtain you’ll see upon going inside the restaurant. It is located across a Japanese bookstore.

We were the only one there at the time as it is nearing their lunch service closing hour (they’re closed at 3.00p.m. and continued on by dinner service at 6.00p.m. onwards) but the service were still on point. We then began ordering after being seated on the corner of the restaurant second level. We then get the menu and received a piece of cold towel each wrapped inside a plastic. We then continued on with our lunch.

Omelette Rice with Soup and Salad (IDR 68.000)
This omurice — omelette rice, came out pretty with a generous glaze of ketchup. The omelette which covers the fried rice underneath were cooked well, it is soft and fluffy, it basically melts in our mouth. The fried rice itself were pretty decent but the flavor pretty one-note and basically it was cooked with ketchup, chicken, soy sauce and garlic among other ingredients in the rice. The meal consists of the plate of omurice itself alongside with Japanese salad and miso soup. As the meal got onto the table the staff confirmed whether or not we consume pork, which we reply that we do not. She then replaced the pork-based miso soup with a chicken-based one. The sides were delicious; the miso was very flavorful and the salad with Japanese dressing tasted fresh as it is served cold at the right temperature. This menu is part of the lunch menu promotion which begun from 11:00 to 15:00 p.m.

Mix Monja - Large (IDR 82.000)
The server told us that we can only order the large size for weekday lunch service, so my brother and I decided to just order the Mix Monja for the two of us so we can taste a variety of topping, including squid, shrimp, and chicken among others. The topping was cooked on a pan with a wet batter consisting of flour, dashi, bonito, cabbage, corn, and scallions. The pan and the burner are delivered to out table with a ready to eat monjayaki. You can have the monjayaki cooked directly on your table from scratch but I guess coming in late on a slow service had limited us from that experience.The monjayaki itself is delicious and it left a good first impression on me, but I realize I would’ve like okonomiyaki more. 

As for our drinks, we ordered cold ocha which we got for free. This honestly confuses me because the drink doesn’t look or taste like green tea and it looked more like an Iced Tea which costs IDR 25.000 but I was charged none for it. So I’m just assuming that we got our tea order rightfully (and it is also available for refills too).

As per writing this post and having a closer inspection to the pictures I’ve taken, I’d only realize that my table is completed with a ringer to call out the staff — but this was unnecessary during our visit as all of them were attentive to our order and calls. Everything else was nice but the limitation during our visit makes it hard to try out various things. Will try out other dishes next, especially their very own renowned okonomiyaki, as true to their name!

Okonomi Dining En
Kamome Building
Jl. Melawai No. 6
2nd Floor
South Jakarta
+6221 72791608