Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ikkudo Ichi at Pantai Indah Kapuk

I visit Ikkudo Ichi after finishing up my administrative court moot with my friends. In actuality, I'm not really a big ramen person because texture-wise I prefer other types of Japanese noodles such as soba or udon and most times ramen were cooked in pork broth, which is something I avoid so I'd rather stay away from it. But as Ikkudo Ichi is one of the biggest ramen chain in Jakarta and knowing that they offer chicken-based broth, I finally gave it a try.

Ikkudo's Tori Kara (IDR 53.800)
Ikkudo's Tori Kara is one of the signature menus this of the restaurant, basing the ramen with chicken broth and serving it with special secret red sauce. All ramen were served with chicken or pork slice, spring onions, sliced mushrooms and a soft-boiled egg. I really liked the ramen because the ramen were not too thick yet flavorful enough and the chicken broth doesn't smell were too strong. The red sauce was surprisingly very spicy! I added more than a spoonful and sort of regretted the decision because it really was spicy with a bit of tanginess which may be good in moderation but not too much. The dish as a whole is really good and the portion was very generous and I really appreciate that. As for the noodle itself, I requested normal curly noodle because as I tried to order the hard (firm) noodle, the staff suggested that the curly noodle were chewy enough with the normal firmness option. I'm not sure about the flavor strength and richness of my particular dish (you can modify the noodle firmness, flavor strength and richness from oil for every ramen dish you order) because I don't remember getting asked.

Yaki Tori Gyoza (IDR 28.000)
This dish consists of 6-pieces of chicken gyoza and we were asked whether to have the gyoza grilled or fried and we opt to have it grilled. The gyoza was cooked well with its bottom grilled until crunchy and the chicken filling was pretty juicy, with strong ginger and scallions flavor. The gyoza is served with chili soy sauce which compliments the dumpling really well.

Tori Karaage (IDR 32.000)
The deep fried chicken is served steaming hot to our table alongside with mayonnaise and similar chili soy sauce to the ones given as the gyoza condiment. The chicken karaage were crunchy and a tad peppery.

Chicken Karaage Curry (IDR 48.500)
Steamed rice topped with vegetable curry and topped with chicken karaage that is the same as above.

Rei Cha (IDR 9.800)
Don't let the glass fool you, this is purely a cold Japanese ocha in a glass, I swear.

I don't remember what exactly was ordered, but here are some other ramen dishes my friends had throughout the night. Nonetheless, here are some of its visuals:

I really liked what I had in Ikkudo Ichi. I would like to try out different ration on the broth, noodle and other variety of the ramen such as the tsukemen. I might consider trying Ikkudo Ichi in other branches that are somewhat closer to home but the particular restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk was pretty nice and there's a good amount of crowd coming in and out during our dinner service - but the upper floor seats were pretty much deserted, maybe because we visited here on a weekday night. Service and everything was pretty nice and they openly take our reservation last minute which I appreciate. Cheers to many other ramen I will now be more open to try out!

P.S. I just realize how functional those black spoons are! Might consider getting one for my own home.

Ikkudo Ichi
Rukan Crown Golf
Blok D No. 2-3
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
+6221 29424984