Friday, June 24, 2016

Pancious at Kelapa Gading + A Bit of #JFFF2016

Pancious is one of the easiest go-to restaurants when you either want pancakes, waffle or pasta that you can commonly find in malls in Jakarta. I had this particular dishes for dinner after attending a show on  the 13th Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival at Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading which is located next to Mall Kelapa Gading 5. As it is one of the closest restaurants to the hotel and the one I’m most familiar with, so I decided to just go have lunch at Pancious. This one, in particular, is pretty unique because the place is pretty big, taking up two spaces that are located one across the other. I thought the layout will be a bit frenzy, but everything is pretty smooth. Quickly after we got seated on the corner sofa seat on the right section of the restaurant (seen from the entrance), we began ordering.

Earl Grey Milk Tea

This milk tea is suitable for 2-3 people. The tea is served cold in a big jug alongside with glasses filled with ice cubes which were made out of frozen milk tea so that the flavor will not be diluted. The drink itself was nice, it was milky yet not too creamy and the tea flavor still remains intact with hints of bitterness here and there. The tea is also still fragrant and this goes well with our meal. And the fact why we only order one drink besides that this is shareable, I think this one is the best-valued drink out of the beverage menu.

Black Prawn Pasta

This is my personal order. I always loved squid ink pasta because I think the mixture of squid ink into the pasta dough gives it a strong hint of savoriness and another layer of flavor to the pasta. This aglio olio is pretty simple and straightforward. You can taste the garlic, pepper and olive oil in the dish. There was also additional sweetness and texture from the added shrimp to the dish. The one thing that they can improve is that the shrimp should’ve been cooked a little longer because mine was pretty under. Nonetheless, the pasta is nice — although the squid ink version is limited to only spaghetti.

Chicken & Mushroom (IDR 52.000)

It would be unfair to talk about Pancious and not try out their pancakes so we tried the Chicken & Mushroom pancake out of their savory pancake options. We also order additional layer of pancake for an additional IDR 12.000 Their pancakes were fluffy and buttery, and it is nice as it is served hot to the table with its chicken and mushroom topping that is covered with melted cheese. I really liked the flavor of this dish and there were plenty of topping to go around. Served with salad, this pancake were really good.

Seafood Marinara (IDR 81.000)

This pasta is my least favorite simply because I don’t like seafood to be mixed with tomato and this dish is pretty much that combination covering a whole plate of spaghetti. As for this menu, you can choose between fettuccine, spaghetti or penne to go along your preferred pasta menu. This is served al dente per order and you can have it cooked to the direction or have it al dente — which is usually cooked 1 minute less than the instruction. 

Pancious is a great place to go anytime of the day — whether it's breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. They serve a variety of sweet and savory signature pancakes-slash-waffle and other types of courses with the menu. The service itself were pretty great, the staffs were attentive despite the crowdedness of the place (it was a full house!) but the last pasta did took a long time to be served but it is still within an understandable time. Everything was served properly and I’m pretty happy with the food we got that day.

Mall Kelapa Gading 5
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard
Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta
+6221 45853758


A glimpse from the runway, presented by Meirietha ‘Inflorescence’ collection as part of the ESMOD collective show. These are unfortunately the shots I took from my camera as I enjoyed most of the show directly, forgetting about taking pictures. But the collection presented were all beautiful and I applaud all the beautiful ladies behind all those designs. May Indonesian fashion designers and the whole fashion scene grow evermore!