Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kkuldak at Thamrin

Korean fried chicken is one of my favorite food and with the growing trend of Korean food in Jakarta there are more and more variety of the fried chicken itself. Every Korean restaurant has their own version of fried chicken and every recipe has its own charm. One of the places that I usually go get my own KFC is at Kkuldak especially the one in Grand Indonesia that is closest to my house. The first time I tried Kkuldak out was two years ago and I’ve grown to love every honey chicken ball menu they offer (fun fact from my friend Lomi, ‘kkul’ translates into honey and dak is  Korean for ‘chicken’) that is served with tteokbokki — Korean rice cakes — and tater tots. Currently they have three flavor available: Korean Hot Chicken, Korean Curry Sauce and their Original. They used to have other flavor that has been discontinued to my dismay.

The way Kkuldak serve their signature dish is by cooking their starch-coated chicken in hot oil and it has the tteokbokki and tater tots ready. The fried chicken is then cooked again in a wok with your preferred sauce that serves as a glaze to the chicken and the carbs to then be served with honey mustard and cheese powder. The dish is sticky and sweet and the chicken remains crunchy if you eat it quickly with the provided bamboo sticks after being served. This serves well as a snack or even main dishes as there are three sizes available for their signature honey ball: small, medium, large. I never opt for the small one because it’s just too small for me hehe. You can also have the elements of this dish individually. There is also another menu including french fries and even bento dish — which both I had yet to try.

Korean Hot Sauce Honey Chicken Ball - Large (IDR 70.000)
Their spicy honey chicken dish was really spicy. You can taste the gochujang in this dish and even its color gives a strong indicator of how spicy this dish is. I cried numerous times while eating this but the flavor was great, this is my favorite sauce from Kkuldak besides their now discontinued Peanut Sauce.

Tteokbokki (IDR 20.000)
I ordered this tteokbokki in the original sauce because I love cooking with tteok in general. The thing about the tteokbokki served here at Kkuldak is that it is pretty thin and it can be a bit chewy from being cooked alongside with the sauce over a hot pan and it can also feel a bit ‘doughy’… I cannot explain it but that is the general flavor of their tteok. Nonetheless, I still liked ordering this rice cake on their own. The tater tots, however, is nothing different than the ones you’ll commonly find in the supermarket. It may sometimes be tricky to find your tots on the bed of chicken or vice versa.

Korean Curry Honey Chicken Ball - Large (IDR 70.000)
The Curry sauce is one of the newest flavor available at Kkuldak. The curry tasted identical to Japanese curry and it was very fragrant. You can smell the curry even from the other side of their kitchen. The one note about this sauce is that it is not as sticky as the other dishes were as the honey were overshadowed by the curry and this one is also pretty spicy -- just a warning ;)

By the end, you know how much I love Kkuldak. Ask everyone I know, they seem to know that I am a big fan of Kkuldak and had been asking for it all over again every week. I will always order Kkuldak to go because their space is super limited that queueing at Kkuldak Thamrin may be a hassle as you’re squished between people ordering and people taking their order and that the seats were limited, but that has never stopped me from ordering.

Grand Indonesia
Floor 3A, West Mall
Central Jakarta
+6221 23580635