Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Afternoon Tea Party

Me and my two high school friends decides to have a garden tea party for the three of us. I plan it out to be a girls day where we can spend the afternoon catching up with one another and eating a bunch of stuff all day. The three of us decides to get together and brought up some of the food and beverages to the party, the decoration were pretty simple and there's only one YouTube playlist playing in the background to acompany us in the afternoon. Prep were minimum but I think we did pretty well. What do you think?

When my friend asked me whether it is a "high tea" or just "afternoon tea" proceeding, I do not know the answer. The only thing I had in mind it's just a meet up, with teas and dainty cakes. I literally just found out the differences while writing this post and which you can find out here. We begun the party at 3.00 p.m., an appropriate time for a tea party. Teas brewed, cakes ready, jams prepared, cookies put in place. 

To list some of the things we got for the day includes:

  • Auntie Anne's Cheesy Dog Bites 
  • J.Co's J. Pops Baby Donuts
  • BreadTalk Vanilla and Chocolate Muffin
  • Richeese Bisvit Selimut
  • Maqui's Macarons and Signature Mini Cakes
  • Esrolle's Pandan and Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake
  • Speculoos' Crunchy Cookie Butter
  • TWG's Silver Moon Tea
  • Lipton's Yellow Label Tea
  • Kinder's Milch-Schnitte

Some other things weren't listed above since there were so much for the three of us that we got easily stuffed after nibbling the sweets (and savories) little by little by the hours. 6 p.m. in and we finished up the table and went back inside since the garden party has attracted so many little friends like mosquitoes and bees. We ended up having so much fun, try setting one up with your friends!