Saturday, August 8, 2015

Marché at Senayan

I was very fond of Marché restaurant as I spent my childhood visiting their (now closed) restaurant at Gran Melia. It was only a couple years ago that I had Marché within their Plaza Senayan branch for my birthday dinner and haven't visited their Plaza Senayan branch ever since. A couple weeks ago I finally visit Senayan's Marché branch for the second time with my friends in celebration of one my friends parent's birthday. The concept of Marché and its dining method were true to the concept and the name of Marché that translates to 'market' in French -- as the restaurant is inspired by food and decor theme inspired from Switzerland.

To order food at Marché, one shall visit the booth in which they preferred food were served and then the food shall be prepared right after ordering within each of every food section, e.g. seafood, desserts, etc. A mark on a guest card that were given during entrance for each of your order shall later be accounted during check out by the restaurant's exit. We walked around the restaurant a couple of times to check out each station menu and began picking out our food. The food can then be picked up after cooking in a self-serving manner or served to your table by a server (although this were inconsistent during our dining). Waitstaff were available in many corners so you don't have to worry; the chefs were also pretty interactive and resourceful.

Fried Calamari (IDR 60.000)
Part of the fritto mist section of Marché. This appetizer is shared by the four of us friends and it was crispy and the cut were pretty thick. However the taste is so-so and a bit lacking in seasoning. A dash of lemon and  tartar sauce given with this dish.

Smoked Beef Savory Crepe (IDR 72.000)
The savory crepe is similar to a Middle Eastern doner with its topping served as a filling to the thin layer of batter. This menu is ordered by my friend and I didn't get to try this meal, but my friends liked it. The portion were plenty that she cannot finish it by herself. The smoked beef filling is one of the available topping options aside from smoked salmon, grilled chicken and smoked mushroom among others. You can modify this dish by adding your additional choice of extra topping.

Australian Black Angus Tenderloin (IDR 245.000)
Served alongside with a serving of gravy, thick cut of tenderloin is served after it was cooked upon a grill. The cut were of a proper tenderloin and has a beautiful char. It is a menu served under the 'Firewood Grill' counter.

Roaster Chicken Leg (IDR 45.000) and Roasted Chicken Wings (IDR 45.000)
I ordered something out of their rotisserie and finally picked out a these two part of a chicken as my preferred protein that were initially a different order on the menu. The dark meats I ordered certainly came in a huge portion with one piece of roasted chicken leg alongside with 5-pieces of whole chicken wings, grilled in its marinating sauce and served with gravy. This order were certainly worth the portion, but for other variation you can order a half roasted chicken for about IDR 83.000. But with my preference for dark meat I really am satisfied with this combo instead.

Mashed Potatoes (IDR 20.000)
By the grilling station there were side dishes available including steamed rice, baked potato or potato wedges. I also ordered mashed potatoes that night. It was creamny but not too buttery and the seasoning was just right.

Marché certainly have good dishes available and on this second visit to this particular branch I was again reminded for the joy of picking out food as I used to do during childhood. This time I am excited for a third visit or maybe more, especially since I didn't get to try out some of their pretty looking array of desserts. Pricing wise there were several dished that are significantly more expensive, but the price range were pretty wide which I really appreciate. Shall I visit Marché again and take better picture despite their dim lighting setting haha that really sets the ambience to the uniquely decorated restaurant, although it makes taking picture a bit challenging. Yet overall I was really happy and thankful for the meal I got here.

Plaza Senayan
Unit 500P, 5th Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta Selatan