Friday, August 7, 2015

Caffé Bene at Serpong

The first time I went to Caffé Bene is on their Kuningan branch as I was waiting for an appointment at a nearby law firm. I ordered their regular-sized bingsu at the time and cannot even finish it for myself due to its humongous portion. It even surprised myself as I always always had been pretty responsible to finish up my meal to the last bite. Satisfied with such portion I decided to take on another visit to Caffé Bene at AEON Mall and ordered the exact same dessert, this time to share.

To order you shall go to the counter and begin ordering. Most of the desserts in this cafe were showcased by the display and most of them were served in such great portion that truly is worth the price, such to say for its desserts.

Cookies and Cream Bingsu (IDR 55.000)
The regular sized bingsu were so freaking big already -- imagine how big the large portion would be. The bingsu could've been shared for three persons alongside with a meal. The bingsu is filled with layers of milky ice, red bean, crushed oreos, cream cheese ice cream, whipped cream and a whole oreos. It was definitely a play on texture, and the ice were creamy and goes well altogether which I really appreciate.

Caramel Cinnamon Bread (IDR 47.000)
The honey bread is huge by itself. The honey bread that is topped by whipped cream was drizzled with caramel and dusted with caramel. The bread were executed simply and there were an apparant flavor similar to the taste and smell of a cinnamon roll.

Spaghetti Bolognaise (IDR 68.000)
The spaghetti took such a looooong time until it got to our table. The spaghetti mixed with bolognaise sauce identic with its tomatoes were a bit dry upon serving. The flavor were okay but nothing really special and there were no significant amount of beef within the plate. The dish is served alongside with thin crispy garlic bread for a variety of texture. The place were actually pretty okay, but then seeing the portion of other dishes I was expecting to be blown away once more.

Tomato and Meat Gratin (IDR 68.000)
This taster pretty much the same with the spaghetti bolognaise, however it is added with a cheese 'gratin' element topped all over the plate. The cheese itself were generous and were as pretty as the picture on the menu. This were so much better than the spaghetti bolognaise as the cheese add more texture and flavor onto the meal; it makes the price worth the meal. The thing about the pasta were that the portion were not as humongous as the dessert. 

Caffè Bene were marvelous at its dessert despite the fact that I wasn't too happy with their savory meal. It could've been better and as big as the desserts they are serving to at least stay consistent with the portioning. One more concern is that the service were fairly standard and that we had to go back and forth to the pick up counter without any clear notification which tested our patience a little bit more. Shall there be more visits for their dessert at least and hope they shall execute their mains that it also amazes me as much as their dessert does.

Caffé Bene
AEON Mall 
Ground Floor
BSD Raya Utama
Serpong, Tangerang
6221 29168035