Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sam's Strawberry Corner at Melawai

A year ago I often come to Sam's Strawberry Corner to enjoy their noodles, but the two branches that I usually visited in the past has now been permanently closed -- one in Cipete and another one in Wijaya across the Institut Français d'Indonésie where I partake my French lessons in. One morning, I finally try out one of the standing branch at Panglima Polim. It is open at about 10 a.m. which I'm pretty thankful for since we did look for a good hefty breakfast. This particular restaurant in this location is more modern in comparison to the other Sam's Strawberry Corner I've visited. It is fully conditioned, a certain upgrade that makes the price of the meal worth it since the offered menu does come with a price.

Yamin Manis Babat + Ceker (IDR 40.000)
This is my personal order which consist of noodle drenched in sweet soy sauce hence the term 'yamin manis (sweet)' topped with shredded chicken and fried chicken feet as well as beef tripe accompanying the soup. Most of the time I would actually order their complete menu named "Yamin/Bihun Asin/Manis Ala Sam's" that also includes wontons and meatballs; but I realise that I always go back to that menu mainly because of the tripe and chicken feet topping that I rarely found in other place.

Yamin Asin Bakso + Pangsit (IDR 35.000)
This is the other variety of the noodle, the 'yamin asin' which does not come with sweet soy sauce to the mixture of the noodle. The shredded chicken topping is still the same with its unique texture that is similar to a floss that will go into your every bite since its been dessicated so fine it will mix well into the broth.

Strawberry Juice (IDR 17.000)
What does it mean to come to Sam's without having to try any strawberry as part of your meal? The strawberry here are served as part of the beverage as well as the dessert menu. This strawberry juice is fully packed with strawberries served cold to the table. I ordered the juice without milk and really gotten the true texture of strawberries in a balanced sweet and sourness of the fruit.

Another order that was not pictured is their siomay which is priced at IDR 7.000 each. In my opinion the siomay were pretty good but I would rather opt for the noodle. To note, the restaurant were out of mushroom that day so we did not have the chance to have their mie ayam jamur as another variety to our order.  Despite all that Sam's Strawberry Corner and its noodles remains as the type of food that I'll crave from time to time. At the very least you should try out their strawberry juice to prove the worth of this restaurant stood ground for quite sometime in Bandung and with its branches Jakarta.

Sam's Strawberry Corner
Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 21
South Jakarta
+62 811-1998-687