Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jeans Chilli Chicken at Gandaria

It was a beautiful afternoon, about 2 p.m on a weekday in which my friends and I decided to meet up at Gandaria City. My friends suggested the place and I immediately agreed to have lunch at Jeans Chili Chicken. I've tried this place before hand, but had only tried their signature jeans chili chicken and rice ball for myself. This time we ordered multiple desserts to share for the six of us and ended up being almost too full to function. Jeans Chili Chicken itself is located by the mall's Mainstreet Dining across Chureria, and is actually a branch originated from Sydney, Australia that highlights Korean chicken dishes within its menu.

Chilli Rice Sticks (IDR 48.000)
The Korean tteokbokki which is shaped like sticks made out of rice flour and has a texture similar to a pasta noodle is served at Jeans in a big portion. It was so big that it surprised myself. There were plenty of the rice sticks itself, drowned in a pool of spicy gochujang sauce, served alongside with oden/ fish cake cutlets, egg and mixture of kimchi and topped with scallions. It was delicious and filling; not too sweet like other similar tteokbokki I've tried. This spiciness is bearable and overall a good sides to your meal. This one is also good for sharing.

Chilli BBQ Chicken Feet (IDR 65.000)
A huge amount of chicken feet is served upon a plate with its spicy sauce coating over the dish. This one, the glazing brown sauce may had convinced us that this were not spicy but this dish were actually the spiciest thing we had on our table. Admittedly I have some tears shed while eating the chicken feet as it was so spicy that my mouth feels numb and red. However the 'pain' were so worth it! I had to pause eating a couple of times to control my reaction to the spices, yet it was all so good.

Cheese Chilli Chicken - Large (IDR 108.000)
The portion were said to contain '10 pieces of chicken' but we're not exactly sure in what measurement was it accounted for but the large portion certainly fits all six of us sharing despite being finished fairly quickly. The chicken tasted like roasted chicken and somewhat reminds me of a chicken satay and its peanut sauce as it is both spicy and sweet. The signature dish here were actually not a fried chicken but are buldak or 'fire chicken' and it flavor was true to its name. The mozzarella cheese as a topping does not really add anything to the flavour as it does not affect the flavor of the chicken itself, but it is a good stabilizer for your palate from all those spiciness with a slight price difference. This chicken were not too spicy, its hotness does not burn the tongue but definitely has some effects on my lips.

Rice Ball (IDR 20.000)
The rice Korean dish 'JuMeokBap' which can be translated as a 'fist bap' is the serving method applied for the rice ball here. The portion of rice that has been mixed with toasted seaweed and sesame were served upon a bowl alongside with a scissor and plastic gloves. The idea is to have this side dish ordered alongside with a protein main of your choice, to then be cut out and mixed into the rice. Then you shall shape the rice mixture in shape of balls to help you eat. It was certainly a unique process but as I had done it before I'd rather have the rice on a plate and eat it with a spoon. The rice itself were delicious and a bit on the sweeter end which I think goes really well with the spicy chicken cut out we had that day; but my friends whom are Korean thinks the jumeokbap were a bit too sweet. Yet for me it was actually so good that I can eat it by itself if and preferably without the ball-shaping process at it do take quite some time out of your meal. 

Ginseng Fried Chicken - Large (IDR 92.000)
This is a variation of Korean Fried Chicken that is true with its notable double-fried technique upon serving. This ginseng fried chicken is served with red ginseng sauce that is drizzled on top of the ginseng-marinated chicken. The ginger were not too pungent in this case (or that my taste bud had actually really numbed as I continued eating) and the chicken were very crunchy. The fried chicken served at Jeans were actually not spicy and it could be an option for those who don't favor spicy food as even the Cheese Chilli Chicken still has some heat in it despite being said to be less spicy than the one without the cheese.

Chilli Chicken Egg Roll (IDR 45.000)
The egg roll filled with mozzarella chicken and shredded chicken were a good neutral dish for the party as its simple dish were a nice contrast to the other spicy mains. It is served in a portion that is suitable for sharing although I expect more chicken filling with the price as I did not taste anything hot in this dish. You can however opt for a smaller portion of this dish by ordering half of the egg roll for about IDR 25.000.

Oksusucha (IDR 15.000)
The refillable drink were roasted corn tea (this is confirmed by our Korean friend) and the one I had here tasted similar to Japanese ocha although it has a slight difference in its scent. I had this refilled twice and had to order another serving of Sprite. The whole meal were so spicy that I need that many amount of beverage to quench the spiciness.

Jeans Chilli Chicken definitely serves some great food and I was very satisfied with their meals. However the service can be much improved, as there were only two servers during our meal and only one of them who are 'active' but not really on standby since she also waited on the front of the house during he service which makes her pretty busy going around the tables. The one who were nice and funny yet was absent at most times and the other on were so busy that she might have gotten a bit frustrated with the service as she got one order mixed up and it is seen that her patience had got thinned. It was understandable but hopefully the restaurant flor can be further improved. As for the place itself we got seated on the sofa so it was nice but many of the seats were placed on the edge of the restaurant nearing the shopping mall corridor that makes dining a bit uncomfortable as it is too 'public' while on the other hand the restaurant had dimmed lighting, but can only be experienced if you were seated on the inner seats. Shall Jeans Chilli Chicken become better and better as the food they serve here had truly brought me on a fun, spicy ride.

Jeans Chilli Chicken
Gandaria City
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Upper Ground Mainstreet - MU11
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
+6221 29236374