Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fish & Co. at Cilandak

Everytime summer comes in and my high school friends from across the continents gather up back in Jakarta, it is a sure bet that we will dine at Fish & Co. in Cilandak Town Square since it is located across our school. No one really sure why, but whether it is only one group or the whole batch, it was most definitely the restaurant we pick out will be this one. Unaware that I'll be going to the same place for sometime later that week I went to Fish & Co. with my brother since the initial restaurant we're interested in were out of our favorite menu. We decided to try out something different than our usual fish and chips order.

Seafood Baked Rice (IDR 89.000)
The baked paella rice is mixed with a bunch of seafood and crustaceans that is cooked in tomato sauce are baked alongside with great amount of mozzarella that directly melts onto the rice. The rice were baked right on the serving plate that comes blazing hot to our table - so hot that there were another plate under it. For the price tag you'll get great amount of cheese and seafood. The combo were actually really flavorful although the tomato sauce adds a little unnecessary sweetness into the dish. The rest of the dish were very proportionate and the portion were actually plenty despite I was hesitant the first time that this will not make me as full as the humongous fish and chips they serve here.

Seafood Platter for 1 (IDR 179.000)
Instead of their fish and chip, we decided to order up a platter to change things up. The platter consists of grilled prawn, white fish (cod, I believe?) and grilled calamari served on top of paella and served with french fries on its side and a lemon wedge to add an additional acidity to the dish. The secalamari is my personal favorite but the prawn also tasted sweet and delicious. However, the fish were a bit dry and does not stand well with the deep fried fish fare that Fish & Co. were so good about. My brother said that he would rather order the Best Fish and Chip in Town and order the other seafood as sides. I might have to agree with him, in regard to the fish.

Iced Lemon Tea (IDR 8.000)
Refill available

Fish & Co. were definitely one of the top choices to get a mouthful of fish and chips. The price really worth the portion and the service we got, as well as th view if you got seated by their window. The reason my high school alumni come here often is no surprise, is due to the overall good time we had here. I bet next summer there would be a lot of fishes to be eaten. A little anecdote,  three days after I had their signature Fish and Chips menu at the same branch with my high school friends, as you may have guessed. See?

Fish & Co.
Cilandak Town Square
1st Floor No. 140
West Cilandak
South Jakarta